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Well, it didn’t take me too long of hacking around to figure out how to paste in Html. I checked the help file and it mentioned the rich text editor is only used by IE. So I pop over to Firefox, and voila. Here is the file extension that describes me. 🙂

So that’s my first peeve with this Msn Spaces blog utility: no clear way to shift between Plain Text/Markup/Rich Text editing modes. Of course it works by moving over to Firefox, but that’s not a terribly convenient way, just to paste a link or an external image reference.

My next peeve is that I had to delete and recreate both of these entries, because I could not simply delete an image I added to the blog entry. I can add photos till the cows come home, but can I delete? Nooo.

This space is soon to be renamed 1001 Things that Annoy Anthony. I think Sebas made a joke about that once.

I should probably create a list of things that annoy me about Msn Spaces… In an attempt to be cute and postmodern, I think I’ll use the Msn spaces List creator to make that list of things that annoy me about Msn Spaces.


Written by anthonygreene

March 18, 2005 at 11:31 am

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