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Gerry sent me this link this morning.

I came up an .ogg file.

"You are .ogg Even though many people consider you cool and happening, a lot still find that you’re a bit too weird to hang out with."

This was so laugh out loud funny that I had to immediately rush over here and paste this. I would really like to start using this space for keeping track of day to day thoughts and trivial events, mostly because I have such a terrible memory and feel that most days my life belongs in the pages of a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

I’m disappointed that the blog editor does not have any utility for pasting Html markup. This is a serious flaw. The extension test provided the below Html markup to be pasted onto a personal site. A great idea. Too bad this Msn blog does not have much flexibility. It definitely scores high in ease of use and accessibility, but I would definitely appreciate a couple more advanced options. Maybe when I get a spare minute or two I will snoop around and see if there is any way to hack the output, so I can paste in Html.


Written by anthonygreene

March 18, 2005 at 11:24 am

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