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This should be so simple

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I want to thank everyone who actually added a comment onto my previous blog posts, even if they do only come every 3 or 4 months.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect anything I wrote here to ever get read by anyone.  It confirms my suspicions that Msn has really struck gold by integrating a blog site into Msn Messenger.  Now if only I could figure out their angle on how they plan to make money with it.  I suppose I should actually be careful with what I say on this thing :-D.
Anyway I’ve been poking around and trying to figure out how to execute a .bat file on a remote machine.  I need to do this so that I don’t need to Terminal Service over to my build server in order to manually start off a build.  I had figured this should be the the simplest thing in the world to do, but nowhere could I find someone who could tell me how to do this.
After some snooping around, I came across this page with some freeware server tools that has let me run a .bat file from my desktop.
It’s pretty simple.  I just downloaded PsExec, and created a new .bat in that directory with the following line:
psexec \\buildserver -w c:\dev\sem\build c:\dev\sem\build\run_nant.bat
I would still think that WinXp has a built in way to do this, but I’ve yet to come across it.  For now, this will do just fine.

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August 22, 2005 at 11:54 am

IT Superheroes

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Ok.   I admit.
I suck at maintaining this blog.
I’m in the middle of something and don’t have time right now to say anything about what I’ve been doing with myself all summer (hint, it starts with ‘w’ and ends with ‘w’ and has a big ZERO in the middle), but I just had to write this down because it’s too important to forget.
The internet is 99.99% crap.  Of the .01% that isn’t crap, about 99% is entertaining, but more or less useless.
But when you really need to know something, and if you’re lucky enough to stumble on that 0.0001% of the internet that is pure gold, then it’s a pretty exciting moment.
For instance, I’m tying to set up my work on a WinXp Pro x64 box.  And all I can get from my website is
Service Unavailable.
99.99% crap and 99% useless later, I stumble onto this rare, beautiful gem.
So there’s the real goods on setting up ASP .Net 2005 on a WinXp Pro x64 box.  This guy deserves the award for IT Superhero.

Written by anthonygreene

August 16, 2005 at 6:29 pm