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More changes to MSN spaces

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Well, I can honestly say I meant to update this space sooner.  I mean, I really, genuinely did mean to put a new post up here.  Maybe the thought crosses my mind two, or three times a week.  But then, well, I get busy doing a whole lot of not much.
There’s still a lot about this site that bugs me.  The biggest thing is not being able to set private lists.  Oh well.  But there’s a new feature on the Currently Reading list that I never saw before.  Enter the ISBN number of a book, and it will do an auto-lookup against to get a thumbnail of that book.  Ok… I’ll admit… that is a tremendously useful, and very neat, feature.
I’m taking down that silly picture and putting up a genuine (though small) photo of myself.  Though I do love that pic.  (It’s Ghandhi from Clone High, for anyone who might have wondered).  I don’t take very many pictures, but it’s alarming amonst them how few I have of myself.  I’ve nearly made it through decades managing to avoid a camera.  I had to dig a few years back to my last week in Toronto to get this pic of me.  I’m terribly un-photogenic.  It’s almost an uncanny phenomenon of science how goofy I look in most photos.
Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of my guys, Bupu and Coco, the bright shining beacons of love and joy in my life.  I take LOTs of pictures of them.  😀

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March 1, 2006 at 5:54 pm

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