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Church is live

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I just want to throw up a quick note to announce that Church Radius is now live and out of beta.
Church Radius is the brainchild of my employer, Derek Hatchard, who has been interested in the concept of church management software for years.  Any organization that involves human beings can benefit from some kind of software to keep its operational information in order, and churches, like any organization, have special needs that a generic CMS does a very poor job of addressing.  He’s also pointed out to me that there is a curious void of good software packages for churches currently in the marketplace.
I’m really proud to have worked on this site.  Maybe it’s just the nature of the IT industry, but it seems that most projects I have been involved with in the past six years are morally sketchy, and that’s putting it mildly.  Since I stopped teaching and have been developing software full-time, the industries I’ve supported have ranged from dodgy (car and heavy equipment leasing, often through sub-prime financers), to exploitive (online dating), to outright reprehensible (search engine optimization technology).  All of these projects have been very interesting pieces of technology, and tremendously rewarding to work on as a developer, but have left me with some nebulous feelings as to where I actually fit in in the world.  Software development has led me to work for companies and industries I would never consider working for directly as an employee, out of moral grounds or otherwise.  The irony’s not lost on me.
In the context of all that, it’s been a real pleasure to work on a web application designed to help ordinary people organize the activities of their church.  As an added feel-good vibe, the pricing model is very modest.  It’s even free for smaller churches!
So if you happen to be very active in your church, or know someone who is, you should check out Church Radius.  It’s very new, and there are still a lot of very interesting features still to be implemented, but I have a feeling that it has a very bright future.

Written by anthonygreene

May 3, 2006 at 2:08 pm