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MSN Spaces – I am outta here.

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I looked on my Msn space today to notice the last note I’ve written was to say that I am "Checking out Facebook".  Well, in the time since I wrote that note I’ve gone from a timid adopter, to a rabid, proselytizing fan.

Facebook is the best thing since Google and Wikipedia.  If Facebook was a movie, it would be Fight Club.  It would be Edward Norton beating the tar out of Jared Leto, putting a bullet in the head of every panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species.  It would breathe smoke.  I digress. The thought of Facebook and Fight Club together is just too much for me to to handle.

There is a lot about Msn Spaces that I’m really going to miss, like the Byzantine security settings which block me and my friends from ever seeing each other’s content, even when we do try to magically line up the right tumblers of Microsoft’s security scheme.  My heart aches at never again seeing the ubiquitous "This Msn space is currently unavailable.  Please try again later".  Most of all, I’ll miss the painfully obvious fact that nobody else is really using this site.  Facebook will just need to find a way to cushion the blow.  I’m sure it will.

I used to think that Msn Spaces’ Windows Live Messenger integration (the shiny little twinkle next do your friend’s name on your contact list whenever they update their space) was a killer application, which may have carried it to some levels of success.  Alas, I can’t help but get the feeling that whomever at Microsoft is funding the Msn Space initiative is just not 100% committed to the product, and nay is not actually even using it themselves.  Msn Spaces has the distinctive feel (much like a Yahoo Portal page of old) of a product which the developers themselves choose not to use.

So, for those few not already in the know, Msn Spaces is officially dead to me.  If you ever want to socially network with me, you’ll just have to sign yourself up on Facebook.  (Unless, you choose to use one of those horribly out-of-date applications, like email, or instant messaging, or God-forbid the telephone — how very last-millenium of you.)

Now I only need a way to painlessly import posts from my two Msn Spaces ( and, and then I can do some housecleaning and delete them.  I’m currently importing them by aggregating the two sites through a free aggregator ( and then importing that RSS feed into my Facebook notes.  I would feel much better, though, just having all that information natively on Facebook, so if anyone has any good ideas how do to that, I’d appreciated the tip.


Written by anthonygreene

June 12, 2007 at 12:12 pm