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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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October 13, 2010 at 1:12 am

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Something cute about cats

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Ok, I’m not really into cute stuff, but I am really into cats.  I stumbled across this link on some guy’s sig on a forum post, and it’s pretty cool.
And anyone who knows me, I mean REALLY REALLY knows me, will know exactly why I found the last slide in this show to be the FUNNIEST THING ON EARTH.  (Well, I’m sure Dennis will get it at least).
Cat lovers, enjoy.

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January 19, 2007 at 10:27 am

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Six Feet Under – five seasons in two months

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Well, I’m in my fifth month here in Montreal, and things, though still a little tough, are going better.  It’s strange that in all this time, with meeting such great people and doing interesting things, that the first thing I feel compelled to write about in four months is, of all things, a television show.

Back a few months ago, a friend and I were comparing notes on our favorite tv shows of the past couple years.  While I couldn’t shut up about Battlestar Galactica (which still has my vote for the best thing currently on tv), JP’s vote was for Six Feet Under.

This surprised me.  I had heard all the critical praise for the series, and when it moved over to Showcase a couple years ago, I gave it a try.  I watched an episode, but made the mistake of not starting with the first episode.  I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  It didn’t do anything for me, and I dismissed it out of hand as, well, just not my thing.

JP’s comments were really particular, and tweaked my interest again.  He said the last episode was "the best final episode of any television series, ever."

High praise.  And with a more than a little doubt, I started into Season One.  I’ve been watching about two episodes a day for the past couple months now.  I was pretty much hooked from the first episode.  I found it very enjoyable, but not especially moving or profound.  It probably wasn’t until about the third season that I started to realize that "this show is really under my skin."

So it was with some mixed emotions that I set down today to watch the final episode.  And I can say that JP was absolutely right, and didn’t exaggerate at all.  Would I say the final episode alone is worth sitting through 60+ hours of the rest of the series to get to it?  Yes.  I would most definitely say that.

Looking back on the series as a whole, I have nothing but the highest praise to give.  I’ve always felt that the best art has the ability to change the viewer, to leave an impression so strong, that it lingers for months or years to come, and in its wake shapes attitudes and even influences life decisions.  Great books, profound films, moving songs:  these have traditionally been the ripe grounds for this kind of experience.  I feel like we are moving into a new age, when television is not only able to match these other mediums for emotional depth, but to trump them.  There is a very real emotional pain involved in saying goodbye to a cast of characters you have watched for sixty or more hours.  Film, no matter how good the film, cannot match this feeling over a two hour period.

For those people completely unfamiliar with the series, I won’t tell you any details.  Enough to say the show is about life, and death, and how life is constantly changing.  There’s highs, and lows.  People come together, they break apart, and often come back together again.   I’d say more than anything, the show is about the inseperable ties of family. 

Long story short, if you’re looking for something significant to take up the next couple months of your life, I can’t recommend Six Feet Under strongly enough.

Now I need to go to bed, and tomorrow start figuring out how to start living my life more fully, because it is so vey short.

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January 15, 2007 at 1:24 am

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More changes to MSN spaces

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Well, I can honestly say I meant to update this space sooner.  I mean, I really, genuinely did mean to put a new post up here.  Maybe the thought crosses my mind two, or three times a week.  But then, well, I get busy doing a whole lot of not much.
There’s still a lot about this site that bugs me.  The biggest thing is not being able to set private lists.  Oh well.  But there’s a new feature on the Currently Reading list that I never saw before.  Enter the ISBN number of a book, and it will do an auto-lookup against to get a thumbnail of that book.  Ok… I’ll admit… that is a tremendously useful, and very neat, feature.
I’m taking down that silly picture and putting up a genuine (though small) photo of myself.  Though I do love that pic.  (It’s Ghandhi from Clone High, for anyone who might have wondered).  I don’t take very many pictures, but it’s alarming amonst them how few I have of myself.  I’ve nearly made it through decades managing to avoid a camera.  I had to dig a few years back to my last week in Toronto to get this pic of me.  I’m terribly un-photogenic.  It’s almost an uncanny phenomenon of science how goofy I look in most photos.
Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of my guys, Bupu and Coco, the bright shining beacons of love and joy in my life.  I take LOTs of pictures of them.  😀

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March 1, 2006 at 5:54 pm

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